Best Hardware Upgrade Ever

Well, this past weekend I upgraded my Mac Book Pro, and put in a SSD. All I can say is wow! I knew it would speed things up, I had no idea it would be this fast. If you are wanted to extend the life of a computer it is a worth while upgrade.

SSDs have been around for some time, but I never made the jump becuase of the price. OWC is now offering a 120GB drive for $189, and it seems to have decent reviews. The other reason I hesitated is that fact I have 300MB of data on my Mac, and getting a 500+ SSD is out of the question due to price. Fortunately OWC offers a kit that alows you to take out the optical drive and mount a 2.5" drive in it's place.

The upgrade itself went smoothly. Swapping the hard drive is really easy in the Mac. Getting the optical drive out is a touch more involved but not really much more difficult. It took about 1/2 hour to change out the hardware. I put the SSD where the HDD had originally been installed and moved the HDD to the optical drive bay.

I had a couple of problems getting the software the way I wanted it. I moved my home directory off the boot drive and onto the HDD. What I overlooked was moving the hidden "Library" directory in my home directory. The other problem was an issue with Parallels. It did not like the missing optical drive. It saw it was gone, and popped up a message saying it would disable it. But eventually the VM would grind to a halt. To the Mac it looked like Parallels was using 100% of the 1 core I allotted, but in Windows it thought it was only using 10-20%. Windows at this point would run so slow it was unusable. Once I went into the VM configuration and removed the optical drive device, It was ok. I also had to fix the boot order when the optical drive was removed. For some reason Parallels wanted to put network boot ahead of the hard disk, which meant that my VM would not boot.

Now everything is installed and configured, and the core2 duo machine is screaming fast.