This week's news about Yahoo's CEO making an 'inadvertent mistake' on his resume has been an interesting read.

The reaction of both Mr.Thompson and the Yahoo board make it appear that they don't or don't want to grasp the seriousness of the issue. The trouble is not whether or not Mr. Thompson needs a computer science degree to run Yahoo. It is about integrity. No one is going to take the misrepresentation on the resume as an inadvertent error. A degree take 3 or 4 years of your life to achieve and a lot of hard work. You are not going to forget that you got a degree or some how imagine that you earned one.

Claiming a degree you have not earned strikes at the heart of a persons integrity. If you are willing to lie on your resume, what else are you going to lie about? Lying on the resume is usually sufficient cause for dismissal, and this should be the case here.

Given the reporting on the subject, I suspect that Mr Thompson added this degree on his resume earlier in his career. Probably not wanting to be caught in a lie he left it there. Even though he may have successfully run Paypal in his tenure there, like plagiarism, claiming a degree one does not have is a very serious ethical problem. Mr. Thompson, needs to step down, remove the CS degree from his resume and look for a new job, standing on his past achievements, not imagined ones. If he was a successful as it appears at running Paypal, he should have no problem finding work.