Apple, EPEAT, and the Environment

I was disappointed to see last week that Apple was no longer going to produce products in accordance to the EPEAT standard.  It appears that the reason they have dropped EPEAT compliance is their recent move that make the latest products un-repairable and un-recyclable.

I really hope that Apple will back away from this new trend of gluing everything together.  They are doing it to make everything as small as possible, but I think we are giving up too much to take an extra couple millimeters off in thickness.

According to the folks over at iFixit, the new Macbook Pro Retina is pretty much unserviceable.  Even the battery is glued in.  

There is no reason a laptop should not last 5 years, but a laptop battery will not.  Mine battery lasted two.  While I am not allowed to replace it myself, they did replace it for me.  The new battery cost $120 and they did not charge me labour (I did subtly mention that I would have replaced it myself if they had not used proprietary fasteners).

So what does all this mean?  It means that more hardware is going to get tossed prematurely becuase a simple replacement or repair cannot be made.  You can really extend the life of your laptop, but replacing the battery, upgrading the hard disk to an SSD, adding more memory etc.  You save a little money and the earth is polluted a little less.

I really hope Apple has second thoughts on this.